PHP® uses ingredients that are more biochemically interactive and available. The company based their decision on the understanding of the biological pathways and studies available.The herbs used are picked at the time they are most biologically active. They are harvested and put into a solution within one hour. When materials are not available in the U.S., The company then does whatever is necessary to obtain the finest quality ingredients.

The preparation of the homeopathic involves buying source materials from all over the world. All mother tinctures are soaked for a minimum of 14 days to extract the essences. The lab prepares the product in a “clean room,” free from fluorescent lighting and EMF’s. Water purity is assured by passing it through a water softener and a 5 step reverse osmosis filter, and exposing it to bactericidal UV light.The water is certified pH neutral. Hypoallergenic, 20% alcohol (gluten free) is used in the Homeopathics versus the glycerin or pellet delivery for several reasons. The alcohol base provides a better polymorphic structure. Glycerin-based products do not have the shelf life alcohol products do, nor are they listed in the HPUS (Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States). According to the companies research the liquid form is better absorbed and provides better transport than the pellet or tablet due to greater surface area coverage.