Some information about how Inno-Vita Formulas work..

“The common radio is used to translate the transmission of radio signals into audio like the kind listened to in most vehicles today. These various radio signals have a modulation of a unique frequency which requires the radio to tuning into a specific station in order to listen to a particular frequency. When a radio is slightly out of tune with a particular channel, the result is unwanted static. Similarly, each of the body’s organs and tissues have a healthy or optimum frequency. Inno-Vita FormCodes function with our body’s organs and tissues in a similar way that a radio frequency can be tuned with a radio. When in an organ or tissue reaches an unhealthy condition (hypo or hyper), they are likewise out of tune. Unlike a common radio, when the body is out of tune there is potential danger far greater than just an annoying static. Inno-Vita’s FormCodes are engineered to have the same frequency of the optimum condition for a particular organ or tissue. The FormCode tunes targeted organs and tissues into their healthy function.”