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The Next Step in Human Evolution

How much could you improve your health?

Industrial capitalists have created an environmental catastrophe through the use of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, radioactive pollutants, and even nano-robotic brain and nervous system control technologies. These contaminants have infiltrated our water sources, the air we breathe and our food, having a severe impact on the human race and our ability to live a normal, healthy life.

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Take Back Your Health

Clean up and detoxify the body; Revitalize your organs and brain functioning at the cellular level. Intuit for Yourself What You Should Do Each Day for Your Health Parasites are the plague of the 21st Century; How to clean your body of these unwanted guests.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you” – L. Ryan, New York

“Thank you, Scott. I cannot tell you how helpful the fear-facing chapter was. Today was literally a life-changing day for me” – Lindsay de Swart, Canada

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A Modern Day Saint – Father Gabriel Mejia

A Claretian priest in Colombia, Father Gabriel Mejia, has developed a rehabilitation process for addicted and abused youth that uses love consciousness and meditation as a basis of therapy. The Claret Homes, or Hogares Claret in Spanish, are safe-havens for youth who have been living on the streets. The many homes of Father Mejia’s foundation have experienced a 98% success rate getting youth off of drugs and reintegrated back into society.

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