ABC’s of Personal Transformation

Hi there, We wanted to take a moment to let you know that we have chosen to extend our incredible offer to join us in our group mentoring course. The ABC’s of Personal Transformation started March 10th and we want you to be a part of this amazing opportunity.  Not only is this going to…

Newsletter – February 2020

I wanted to check in and thank you for being a loyal client at Health & Longevity. Whether you’ve had a Spiritual intuitive Reading once or been a client for many years, I am eternally grateful for your trust in me and our business. I have always had a passion for healing. As a young…

Did You Know IV

DID YOU KNOW??? When you’re faced with a life-threatening situation, your brain actually takes in more information.Research suggests that you retain so much detail about the event (and little else), you’ll later recall it as having taken longer than it actually did, or in slow motion. We have some amazing brain support supplements for everything…

Did you know IV

DID YOU KNOW??? 180,000 Medicare patients die annually because of unintended harm in the course of treatment and one third of our health care dollars are spent on unneeded test, medicine, procedures and administrative costs. Do you think it’s time to rethink your route to better health? Source: Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Vitamin B-12

A few facts about Vitamin B12 Is considered a wellness supplement Promotes Energy Metabolism Is an essential B Vitamin that plays a role in the entire nervous system, promotes energy metabolism and supports healthy heart function Is a key contributor to the body’s proper use of iron.