About Scott Werner

Scott WernerScott Werner was born with the gift of higher dimensional sight, which means that when he “tunes in” to someone, he would not only see them in the physical level but also “see” them on multi-dimensional levels.

Scott had two near death experiences when he was young. The first time was at the age of 13 and the other at the age of 20. Each time that he came back into consciousness, he returned with the inner knowing that his role in this life is to assist in the “healing of humanity,” and his “gifts” were enhanced to the degree that he intuitively sees the physical body.

In 1986, at the age of 29, Scott was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, with multiple lesions on his spine and brain. Even though he was working at one of the best Medical facilities in the United States, his was given only 3 months to live. Unsatisfied with that prognosis, he went home and prayed for guidance.

In a dream that night, he was told that he would “heal his own cancer.” He did just that by using parasite cleanses, changing his diet and releasing emotional blockage in his life. He began studying herbs, and there properties. This started his extensive path into alternative healing methods. Using parasite cleanses, herbs, toning, nutritional support, and detoxing the body.

A Little History

Scott Werner received his Medical degree from Saint Louis University School of medicine in 1986, specializing as an OB/GYN and general practitioner for 14 years.

He practiced at Good Samaritan medical center in Phoenix, Arizona. Scott was recognized in advanced laparoscopic laser surgery and Gynecological laser surgery. He later moved his successful medical practice to Utah and during his career he delivered over 2000 babies successfully. Scott used Alternative/complementary techniques and has seen thousands of patients.

Scott used herbs, homeopathic and energetic remedies and Chelation therapy in the improvement of health and wellness in “untreatable illnesses and dis-ease”. He relinquished his Medical license in Utah and Arizona and left traditional medicine in 2005 and opened an herb store in St. George Utah. Scott has lectured extensively to private and professional groups throughout the United States educating them about multiple healing modalities, and herbal products. He is very gifted, incredibly insightful, informative, animated and entertaining. He has lectured on many health subjects ranging from Parasites to virus and from nutritional support to healing energy blockages. He has thousands of clients all over the world, who have sought him out for his knowledge of these process’. He has also lectured many times for the annual conferences held through Systemic Formulas.

Scott truly believes and is of the opinion, that all “dis-ease” is a combination of too much toxicity and not enough nutrition in the body, coupled with emotions that deplete our health. He has a very spiritual understanding to the approach to wellness and has worked extensively with world class healer, Katherine Beck. He has learned many healing methods and techniques.