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Health And Longevity with Scott Werner

Scott Werner

Scott Werner is a dynamic presenter, author, spiritual intuitive and energy healer. He knew from a very young age that his role in life is to uncover the mysteries of healing and to support others in their healing journey. Scott has experienced tremendous battles with his own health and consistently asks these questions “How do I heal?” and “How do I help others heal?”

When Scott Werner was in the prime of his life he was diagnosed with stage four malignant melanoma and healed himself by using his faith and supplements to heal his body. Throughout the years he has experienced multiple health challenges that nearly cost him his life. Although this has been incredibly challenging, he has gained tremendous insight in healing the body. Scott has incredible gifts of intuition and insight on multiple modalities. Including parasite cleanses, detox of heavy metals, petrochemicals, radiation, viruses, and fungus.

He has a vast knowledge with his medical history as an OB/GYN But left traditional medicine in 2004 to truly support the body to heal. Using his beautiful voice with Toning, providing spiritual blessings and his love for humanity. He has clients from around the world that have benefited from his insight and wisdom but he found that many would have more health challenges from the toxic chemicals in their environment. After a successful lecture in the Midwest, the audience voiced concerns about detoxing and feeling great but every time chemicals are sprayed on the nearby crops their symptoms return. He was asked “How do we heal and protect ourselves?” At the time he did not know how to truly protect them but told that audience that he would come back with the answer.

He prayed for a method to repair our bodies and protect ourselves from the constant barrage of genetically modified foods and toxic chemicals in the environment. It took a year to receive that message but in 2014 Scott Werner received a visitation from an ascended Master, Saint Germaine. He was given a message of hope and the information on how to manifest 24 strand DNA in The body. This message is in his book “The Next Step in Human Evolution.”

Scott sees clients from around the world where he provides spiritual intuitive readings and is a phenomenal presenter. His message has been well received with multiple platforms including the Goldfish Report, available on YouTube and is a keynote speaker for spiritual conferences around the country. Rather than putting attention on the negative problems in the world, Scott is motivated to share light and of hope. To raise the vibration of our beautiful planet and to assist others toward the Ascension.