“Creating a Spiritual Reality” Group Mentoring

St Germaine came to me December 21, 2018 Friday morning and wanted me to start a group mentoring over Zoom with as many people as possible. The purpose of the group mentoring is to get aligned with the Ascended Masters in our mental thoughts, intent, emotions, and clearing energy in our auric field which is chaotic and not serving and slowing our evolution.

St Germaine is ok if your have a group watching it at your office or home with just one payment ($197.00 for all twelve sessions) and whoever makes the payment gets a free intuitive reading from Dr. Scott Werner as a bonus. ($200.00 value)

St. Germaine also said that you can hook up a projector to your computer if possible and invite people to your home or office, one link is one charge for all twelve sessions, but you could get a whole group together there you could ask for donations to assist your business and time.

You can buy just 1 link ($197.00) and invite people you know for free for people because it will shift the lives of those who participate. We can interact with questions.

To sign up, call Health & Longevity at 435-986-0025.

St Germaine and I want your lives and business to succeed. Please print and hand out the information. You can also use this as a template for your own group mentoring program, once you complete these twelve sessions.

With Love and light,

Scott Werner
(previous MD – now doing better things)

Outline of 12 week online course “Creating a Spiritual Reality” Group Mentoring

Week 1 January 8, 2019 Learning to Pray, Meditate and Manifest your dreams.

  • Manifestation starts with communicating your dreams with the Divine
  • Meditation allows the mind to quiet, connecting to the Divine and allowing the communication from the I Am energy to assist the creation of our dreams
  • Co-operation puts us in connection to the “Unity Consciousness of One” giving us Universal support of our creative energy

Week 2 January 15, 2019 “Know Thyself”

  • Know your Physical Body, to Detoxify and Clear negative energy and bugs slowing your creative abilities.
  • Clearing negative emotions and thought forms which slow your creative abilities
  • Clearing relationships slowing your creative abilities
  • Aligning the Ka, the Ba, and the Aumakua “Eye of God”

Week 3 January 22, 2019 “What is my Ideal?”

  • What is an “Ideal”?
  • Ideals grow with development
  • The True Ideal and Attaining the Ideal

Week 4 January 29, 2019 Developing Faith

  • What is Faith?
  • Need of Faith
  • Developing more Faith
  • Reward of Faith

Week 5 February 5, 2019 Virtue and Understanding

  • Virtue and Understanding are spiritual
  • Virtue and Understanding are Essential to right living
  • Virtue is a Defense and Understanding is a Weapon
  • The effects of Virtue and Understanding on ourselves and others

Week 6 February 12, 2019  “Fellowship”

  • Am I my Brothers keeper?
  • Our Fellowship with God

Week 7 February 19, 2019 “Patience”

  • Value of Patience
  • How we gain more patience

February 26, 2019 No Class

Week 8 March 5, 2019 The Open Door

  • How to open the Door
  • How to know the Father or Divine Mother

Week 9 March 12, 2019 “In the Presence of God”

  • The knowledge of Divine presence
  • Preparing the “Self”

Week 10 March 19, 2019 The Cross and the Crown

  • What does the Cross represent?
  • What does the Crown represent?

Week 11 March 26, 2019 God and I are One

  • God and I are One
  • At-Onement through the Christ Consciousness

Week 12 April 2, 2019 Love

  • The Power of Love
  • The Test of Love
  • God is Love


For more information, please email: scott.healthlongevityinc@gmail.com or call 435-986-0025. Cost is a one time Donation of $197.00 or two payments of $100.00, one payment to reserve your spot, next payment due by end of January 2019. Total $200.00 non-Refundable Donation

Bonus Spiritual Intuitive reading not available until completed second payment is received.