Scott And Vicki WernerI wanted to check in and thank you for being a loyal client at Health & Longevity. Whether you’ve had a Spiritual intuitive Reading once or been a client for many years, I am eternally grateful for your trust in me and our business.

I have always had a passion for healing. As a young boy I knew it was part of my destiny and sought my medical career early in life. I loved being a doctor, a surgeon, an obstetrician, and a confidant for thousands of patients. I learned a great deal in that career choice and I’m very grateful for the thousands of clients that I had. Delivering nearly 3000 babies in my obstetric career brought me joy at the possibility of witnessing new life and seeing miracles every day at work. However, I had a calling for a different path. While I am no longer a medical doctor I still have an incredible zest for healing, for help, and for possibilities. My lovely wife, Vicki, and I have spent the last 18 years of our lives seeking higher purpose. We have literally traveled the world in search of higher truths and universal wisdom that has been part of humanity since humanity has existed on this planet. And we feel like we have learned a tremendous amount.

Here’s where the exciting news applies to you. As I mentioned before, I am grateful to have you as a client with Health & Longevity. Thank you. However, I want to offer more. Vicki and I have been very successful in mentoring our clients from around the country. Our mentoring business has been fulfilling for us and our clients. Working one on one with educating, sharing insight, and cheerleading from the sidelines to our clients as they meet their goals and improve their health, relationship with themselves and their families is very rewarding. Having mentoring clients who have become published authors, who have had spiritual experiences with the divine, who have increased their profits in their business by tenfold, who have had greater health and more clarity than ever before is the most rewarding experience to Vicki and to myself. I have also held group mentoring with hundreds of clients and that also has been incredibly rewarding. And we are ready to do it again.

Vicki and I will be presenting our 12 week group mentoring, “ABCs to Personal Transformation” starting March 10 of this year. We’re going to unlock truths, and pull out everything we have by providing mentoring tools and training material that has proven results for hundreds of clients….but at a fraction of the price that others have paid. In fact, you might say….It’s free! 🙂

In all honesty, the price to sign up for 12 fabulous weeks of transformation is only $200…BUT!!! You get bonus material that includes either a free spiritual intuitive reading by me or a one-on-one free mentoring session with either me or Vicki. A $200 value. So, either way. You’re getting an amazing opportunity Just $200.00. Don’t you just love that?

Bottom line, we want to help you succeed and live the best life possible.

So, how do you sign up?

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One more thing, Vicki and I are so grateful for the feedback we have received from our books. Vicki’s book, The Secret to Healing and Recovery is available through our store Health and Longevity at 435-986-0025 or on Amazon. Check it out here: Secret to Healing and Recovery. Vicki’s book has been instrumental for caregivers and those on a healing journey alike.

And my books, esp. The Next Step In Human Evolution has been a great support for those searching for more answers as to how we evolve as a human race. Available here: The Next Step to Human Evolution

Please take a moment to check out my website for more details or call my office 435-986-0025 or email me at

Here’s to greater potential for 2020 and seeing with clear vision of our future.

To your health,

Dr. Scott Werner
Health & Longevity